Skill Development

Skill Development is an important segment of OMYS, which deals in Technical Studies and motivates community youngsters to develop significant awareness of technical studies. Currently, OMYS is in collaboration with renowned technical institutes of town and serving community students in a financial manner as well as guidance manner. OMYS holds a reputed institution at Chandni Chowk under the Sponsorship of O.K Family serving the community with the best technical studies with competency.

Mr. Abdul Wahab Younus Kath


  • Mr. Akif Hanif Suriya – Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Shahid Toberiya – Secretary
  • Mr. Asif A. Ghaffar Vayani – Member
  • Mr. Asif Suriya – Member
  • Mr. Danish Javed Mullara – Member
  • Mr. Shahid Hashim Suriya – Member
  • Mr. Mataf Gatta (Tooso ) – Member
  • Mr. Arsalan Vayani – Member
  • Mr. Rafay A. Rasheed Kath – Member
  • Mr. Kamran Iqbal Karar – Member
  • Mr. Samad Ganatra – Member
  • Mr. Furqan Jakhura (Kandawala) – Member
  • Mr. Kashan Farooq Vayani – Member
  • Mr. Moiz Mamdani – Member
  • Mr. Salman Ahmed – Member
  • Mr. Shabbir Suleman GhazianiMember