Our Founder

Muhammad Usman was born in Karachi on 1st June 1935. He was called Usman Ghani’ at this early age, rather until he desired to be called himself Muhammad Usman after his school education.


Handsome little Usman had got primary schooling in a Khadda Gujrati Vernacular school, and basic religious education in the locality Madressah. Then coming through cycle riding or a family tonga he started attending Sindh Madressah Tul Islam. He was very soon recognized as promising.  Witty and a smart student. He was loved by his teachers and fellow students. He joined school scouting, was an of students. His friends in school included Mr. Ahmed Khatri, Tahir Muhammad Elias Panjwani, Tahir Muhammad Tayyab Punjwani, Usman Essa Gaba, Basher, and Razzak Marfani, In 1953 he passed his Matriculation Examination in First Division.


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About OMYS

The Okhai Memon Youth Services is one of the most prestigious social organizations of the Memon community serving since 1968. O.M.Y.S. main objective is to provide higher and professional education to the Community.


OMYS provide complete education assistance to needy and deserving students, at this time about 1600 students (boys & girls), are being provided free education, i.e. monthly school fees, books, stationery, uniforms, pullover, and shoes, etc. for the accomplishment of this noble cause.


OMYS always encourages those students who study and achieve good marks in their respective classes, OMYS distribute Gifts, Award and Gold Medals to Primary – Secondary Classes and to Graduates and Professionals.


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Our Patrons


  • OMYS has taken an initiative for making a team of youngsters, Social workers, Volunteers & well wishers of our community called the YOUTH ELITE FORCE.

  • This force will work for the community in every situation.

  • This team will work as a field force As we all know that volunteers and workers